The perfect starter box for anyone looking to enrich and engage their dogs but are unsure where to start.


EcoSnuffle mat's are made with a durable rubber mat and upcycled material - giving you the perfect opportunity to reward your pet in a sustainable manner.


Please note each snufflemat is made to order and unique - the images used are an example of what you can expect in your box, each mat will differ!


Enrichment has so many benefits for your dog - we'll supply helpful hints and tips on how to make use of the mats in the box, no matter the dogs age!


These images are just a guide of what you can expect in your box.

EcoSnuffleMat Box

  • In this box you'll find:

    • An EcoSnuffle Mat (either 20cm x 28cm or 40cm x 28cm) 
    • Training Treats to use with your EcoSnuffle Mat

    Please note - the items in the box will change throughout the year, but the quality and the value will remain the same!