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The REAL brains behind Raising the RUFF!

Yes you've guessed it, Spud is the real brains behind Raising the RUFF, chief creator and overall visionary!

However in his rise from humble pup to dogpreneur superstardom he quite graciously conceded that humans can be a useful part of the team - for one thing they have hands not paws!

So we thought for our first blog post (and whilst our website is under construction) that we'd take this opportunity to show off the team behind Raising the RUFF.


The face of Raising the RUFF, chief taster, tester and overall cutie pie that you'll be seeing a lot of!

We adopted Spud just before Christmas 2018 with a lot of help from Wild at Heart Foundation, he was found at the road side in Cyprus in a terrible condition. However he won us over with his cheeky smile and has been a spoilt little pooch ever since! In his two years in the UK Spud has also managed to take part in a fashion show, photo shoot and a live drawing session all for charity - so it seems only fitting that he helps us continue giving back to Wild at Heart Foundation via Raising the RUFF!

If you've not had enough of Spud's cuteness already he obviously has his own Instagram account; @spudtherescuepup - follow for all the cuteness you can manage!


One half of Spud's parents and technically the person behind Raising the RUFF. I have always loved dogs and enjoy nothing more than spoiling Spud rotten given the chance. So I thought with a little extra time on my hands this Christmas - why not have some fun helping other dog parents spoil their dogs rotten too! Plus I get to build the Raising the RUFF dog pack - which is about the closest I will get to owning lots of dogs whilst living in a small flat in London.

A special mention has to go to Spud's other parent; Katie. Who whilst doing lots of important work of her own (day jobs, who needs them!) - is a brilliant champion for Raising the RUFF whenever possible! She also has begrudgingly let our RUFF boxes take over the spare bedroom!

Also with a little (A LOT) help from some friends:

Bassett Pets:

When I first got thinking about Raising the RUFF I thought it would be brilliant to partner with Emma at Bassett Pets - a wonderful shop with a very similar ethos to us and a lot more experience with pet products than I have.

Emma started Bassett Pets in May 2018 after being a veterinary nurse for over 17 years - so she definitely knows her stuff- as she felt there wasn't much choice in your usual larger pet stores for healthy alternatives for pets, especially ones with health conditions. Using her experience put Emma in a strong position to search out healthy food and treats for pets that also happened to be tasty (a winning combination) as well as always being on hand to give advice to all pet owners, which is something she does well.

I was also happy to find someone who enjoyed searching around for funky toys (especially those from independent companies) and gifts as much as Raising the RUFF does and am super happy that Emma agreed to help us out on this little adventure (numerous emails and drop ins later Emma may be regretting this...).

Bassett Pets are located in North Weald Bassett so drop in if you get a chance or give Emma a follow on the socials.

Homeward Hounds:

We bring all the enthusiasm for Raising the RUFF but professionals we are not.

We've always been super lucky to have two top quality dog trainers; David and Clare that live close by - especially as they are very experienced at working with dogs of all breeds, including Cypriot rescue dogs with selective deafness.

A big aim of Raising the RUFF is to provide tips, tricks and advice with all of our boxes and as such I have managed to twist David and Clare's arms into helping us provide that expertise!

Here's a little bit about just how qualified these two are:

David MGoDT(MT) ACFBA is recognised as a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers and is an associate member of the Canine and Feline Association, he is fantastic at working with high energy, nervous or fearful dogs, he has a calm, positive attitude along with a wealth of experience and many techniques to get the best results from your dog.

Clare MGoDT is recognised as a Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers, her training focuses on fun and positive ways to teach you and your dog, her friendly and encouraging personality inspires people to keep going to achieve their desired goals. Importantly to have fun and bond with your dogs.

Also most importantly they are as dog mad as us (you need only look at their ever expanding pack of dogs) and I think make brilliant additions to the Raising the RUFF pack.

You can find out more about what they do here: but rest assured all advice is backed up with their years of experience!

We are Raising the RUFF and we look forward to welcoming you into the RUFF pack!

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