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6 Dog movies every animal lover needs to see

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

First things first – this is not a definitive list.

Hell, as you can tell from the title, it’s not even a top 10…

But as this month’s theme has been all about movie night, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about all the films I’ve watched (multiple times) and loved that include dogs – I mean we are Raising the RUFF after all.

Disclaimer – these films are not in a particular order, so don’t go getting all antsy about that!

I am going to presume that I don’t need to give you a mini bio for each film – if you have not seen any of these 6 films, firstly where the heck have you been and secondly educate yourself and buy our Lights, Camera, ACTION box because your dog definitely needs some movie night lovin.

Let’s start off with an absolute classic, Beethoven. I mean it’s a story about a rambunctious St Bernard who brings a family together. Now Beethoven is not a dog for the faint hearted, he’s MASSIVE and my god he’s a slobber machine. It’s a lot of fun – a proper good Sunday afternoon film. Plus, there’s that cute bit at the end where they’ve rescued all the dogs from the bad guys and take them back to their home (SPOILER ALERT) – but I would so be that family with a house full of dogs. Also if you love Beethoven you've definitely seen all the sequels right?!

Second on the list is the absolutely fantastic Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Two dogs and a cat embark on an epic journey to get back to their humans – they literally cross mountains. Michael J Fox, Sally Field and Don Ameche voice the lovable characters and they are just perfect. Homeward Bound has the right number of laughs and adventure, plus the occasional heart wrenching moment like when Shadow gets stuck down the muddy hole right at the end and you think he’s not going to make it. Sally field as the absolute sass pot cat is about the only time, I’ve ever thought about wanting a cat.

Fun fact the pets who played Shadow, Chance and Sassy were actually called Ben, Rattler and Tiki – a little bit different.

Third on the list is for all you sports fans with Airbud – which is almost an inception moment in film as the dog who wonderfully played Buddy in the film, is actually the real-life dog who rose to fame because he was so good at shooting hoops. Air Bud follows that typical well-trodden feel-good children’s film vibe; Alcoholic clown mistreats dog, so dog runs away and is almost run over by boy and his mother and eventually befriends boy who is going through his own troubles – nope maybe I am thinking of a different well-trodden vibe. Anyway, it turns out Buddy can shoot some hoops and ends up being part of the school basketball team, as you do. Air Bud has spawned off like 20 films (a slight exaggeration) and left me with that disappointing moment when I realised that our family dog at the time was not going to help me become a successful sports star...

Number four on the list involves one of my favourite actors Paul Walker and EIGHT awesome dogs – it’s Eight Below. Apparently, it’s a remake of another film called Antarctica – but as far as I’m concerned there is only one Eight Below. It's a brilliant film about the eight sled dogs who have to fend for themselves in the wilderness as they wait for Jerry to come back and rescue them. I’m not going to lie – Eight Below was a major reason for me wanting a husky dog when I was younger, I’d have taken any of them from that film, but Max was definitely my boi. Living in a second floor flat in London, I am not glad I do not have a husky dog.

You can’t go wrong with a young Tom Hanks and a Dogue de Bordeaux in a film – that’s a fact and that’s why number five is Turner and Hooch. It’s your typical American buddy cop comedy just with a dog as the sidekick rather than another person. That bit at the end where Hooch gets shot and you are not sure whether he’s going to survive – gets me every damn time.

Fun fact – the dog who played Hooch was called Beasley IRL and he had a stunt double named Igor. Beasley was obviously a proper A-Lister.

And finally, number six has to be the ultimate tearjerker that is Marley and Me. I mean first it’s got Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in it. Extra props that it’s based on the book so my book publishing background also loves it. I tell you what I don’t love though – that moment where Marley is under the tree and can’t get back up, I’m not crying you are. Marley and Me is that film that always pops up on ITV2 at the weekend and you can’t help watching it, even though you know it’s going to end in tears.

Special mention goes to All Dogs Go to Heaven and all other Disney films with dogs in (both animated and live action – I’m not fussy). Even now I’m already thinking about all the films I have missed out – maybe I need to change this blog post to 26 dog movies every animal lover should have seen….

Let me know what your favourites are – are they on the list or have I made some MAHOOSIVE errors.

AND if you want to check out our movie mayhem box we still have a few available here: - its the perfect starter kit to a movie night with your pooch!


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