How we started Raising the Ruff!

Our History

We are all dog lovers at heart and we love nothing more than taking the time to search high and low for those fun toys and treats to entertain our dogs.

Raising the Ruff was born out of a desire to box up that feeling of joy and sharing it with you, our awesome customers.

We focus on showcasing sustainable products and championing independent producers that you may not have come across before, all whilst ensuring only the best finds its way to you and the pawsome pet in your life.

At Raising the Ruff we want to give back where ever possible, your purchases enable us to support some of the brilliant dog charities out there that go above and beyond to help improve the lives of all dogs.

A portion of all our profits will be donated to Wild at Heart Foundation, the brilliant charity that brought Spud into our lives and continues to do amazing work despite many obstacles being thrown in their way. Click here to find out more about this wonderful charity:

Nothing Ruff about this pack!

Meet the team

Two very good boys; One called Nick and the other called Spud who had enough time on their hands to stop dreaming and start raising the ruff to make it happen. Nick is chief searcher and Spud takes his role very seriously when testing all potential products.

Brought together with the help of our local pet shop Bassett Pets; a wonderful independent pet shop catering for all your pet needs and a business that shared our desire to go the extra mile in search of something different for your pet.

All training information and tips has been brought to you by the experienced team at Homeward Hounds - two incredibly experienced and dedicated dog trainers who have helped us become better dog owners over the last few years!