Charity Partnerships

Introducing our official Charity Partner, Wild At Heart Foundation, where £1 from every box sold goes towards helping this brilliant charity!

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Wild at Heart Foundation believe in dog. They believe that a dog can lift our mood, change our day, keep us active and transform a house into a home. They are our fierce protectors, guard us and perform heroic feats. They offer freely what humans can spend a lifetime learning, which is to love unconditionally. They save our lives in many ways. This is why Wild at Heart Foundation wants to end the suffering of these amazing creatures.

Their vision

Wild at Heart Foundation want to end the suffering of stray dogs all over the world. We believe that each and every rescue dog deserves the chance to live a healthy, happy life, free from the threat of pain, suffering, cruelty or neglect.

Their mission

We are working to compassionately reduce the world’s 600 million stray dog population.  We do this through rescue, adoption & sterilisation projects, and awareness and education campaigns.
We fund and support projects all over the world, focusing on areas where the need is particularly great.

Our ethos

We believe that every single dog – no matter where in the world it is born, no matter its size, breed, age or circumstance – deserves to live a healthy, happy life. We champion compassion and collaboration; we believe that there is power in kindness and community, and that by working together towards a common goal, we can help make the world a better, kinder place.

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Wild at Heart Foundation do a phenomenal job and that is why we are proud to support them on their mission.

If you want to find out more about all the good work they do, check out their website:

And don't forget - every box you buy enables us to give back to Wild at Heart Foundation as well!

We'll also be coming up with collaboration boxes in the future where all profits go towards the brilliant work that WAHF do - so stay tuned for those.

Raising the RUFF x